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  • Let's go walkies

Let's go walkies

MOTHER, CHILD AND DOG ON FOREST   TRAIL....Every day, thousands of people take their dog for a walk in the woods - it's the single most popular reason for people to visit a wood or forest.

It is also a great way to exercise - for you and your four-legged friend. That's why we took the lead (sorry!) and got together with the Kennel Club to unleash (oops!) a new agreement that will ensure dog owners enjoy walking in forests and woodlands with their pets and also understand the needs of the forests and other forest users.

The agreement aims to:

  • encourage better understanding of the needs of dog owners and all forest users;
  • ensure dog owners feel welcome in the forest and play a part in conserving its value for everybody;
  • work with others to develop new ways to improve how dogs and their owners use the forest:
  • make dog owners aware of opportunities and places that are particularly well-suited to their needs:
  • only seek restrictions on dogs (such as them being kept on leads or prohibited) in specific circumstances: such as around children’s play areas and at particularly sensitive times or places for wildlife:
  • accommodate dog-related sports in the forest, while balancing the needs of all other interests:
  • encourage dog owners to be sensitive to other forest users, who may not be familiar with dogs and the benefits they can bring: and
  • help people understand and experience how dogs enhance people’s lives, through improved health, confidence and mobility.

But why not go one step further and let you dog take you somewhere interesting. Check out our walking search to find out new places for you and your best friend.


Last updated: 15th February 2018

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