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Walkers on the All Ability Trail in Dalbeattie Forest

Footpaths have been an integral part of the Forestry Commission England estate for many years.  Initially we did not really get involved with their design and construction except for the provision of footbridges. However, as recreational visitor numbers have increased, the demand for different types of paths and trails has risen dramatically and the need for engineered solutions has become increasingly apparent.  Our engineers have contributed significantly to the development of a range of specifications and standards for upland paths, all-ability trails and everything in between and continue to be very involved in this process.

The provision of mountain bike trails is now a significant element of the Forestry Commission recreation strategy.  We have played a major role in the design and supervision of internationally renowned trails throughout England, Scotland and Wales, including innovative 'North Shore' structures which deliver extra thrills for the experienced rider.

We have included a description of the Dalby Mountain Bike Trails in our Case Studies section. This prestigious project was designed and managed by Martin O’Vastar who as well as being a practising civil engineer with FCE is also an enthusiastic participant in the sport.

We have the ability to design and build trails to suit all requirements! For further information please contact Alan Dickerson.

Mountain bike stunts at Shillingstone cycle track, Dorset