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Special - Rural Structures

Children on the Tree Top trail at Salcey forest.Over the years FCE has been involved in many structures other than roads and
bridges. We have built many car parks and small dams and we construct numerous timber harvesting facilities every year. We have also branched out into specialist recreation structures, and we now have an impressive portfolio of designs for:

  • Viewing Platforms
  • Walkways
  • Forest Shelters

One structure of which we are particularly proud is the Salcey Treetop Walk in Northamptonshire which won the Environmental Award in the British Construction Industry Awards 2006.

In other projects we have also designed:

  • Buildings
  • Maritime Piers And Jetties

The hallmark of FCE special structures is innovation! We aim to provide a design that will enthuse the onlooker as well as the user. For further information please contact Graeme White.