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Prestressed concrete beam bridge at Bladnoch By their very nature, bridges are expensive pieces of road or track which can cost up to 100 times more per unit length! FCE specialises in finding solutions which recognise the unique nature of bridges for vehicular traffic but also acknowledge the economic situation in which most of the bridges will be built.

Choosing a solution is no easy task. It is not easy to meet all the criteria. The most obvious difference to public road bridges is that most of the rural low cost bridges that we deal with are short, single span with a single lane width. FCE has long standing experience of designing, building and maintaining road bridges, e.g:

  • Temporary Bridges (e.g Bailey)
  • Prestressed Concrete Bridges
  • Reinforced Concrete Bridges
  • Composite Bridges (or the longer span)
  • Steel and Timber Bridges
  • Vertically Laminated Timber Bridges and Historic Bridges

FCE is also the acknowledged leader in rural footbridge design and construction. Over the years we have built many variations of footbridge for example:

  • Timber Log (Not that we would recommend that nowadays!)
  • Timber Truss
  • Timber Beam And Decking
  • Steel Beam And Timber Decking
  • Rangers' Footbridge (Utilising aerial masts)
  • Stressed Laminated Arches

Our expertise and experience is well known and just recently, the new Lewisburn Bridge in Northumberland's Kielder Forest, was recognised in the British Construction Industry Awards 2009. It was Highly Commended in the Small Civil Engineering Project category, as well as being shortlisted for the Prime Minister's Award and the Environmental Award.

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Last updated: 13th January 2015
Lewisburn Bridge, Lakeside Way, Kielder Water and Forest Park

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