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Forest Road just after completion

A low cost road must be designed with the same care and expertise as any public highway - the only difference is that the design is tailored for a much smaller volume of traffic and a slower speed of travel.  FCE engineers have been doing this for many years and have built up a wealth of experience as custodians of the Forestry Commission road network.

Because we are the acknowledged experts on unsealed waterbound roads we have been involved in the design and construction of:

  • Rural Public Roads
  • Roads For MoD
  • Roads for Private Landowners
  • Roads for Windfarms

We offer everything from peat stability assessments to full road design and construction.Forestry Civil Engineering Road Condition Survey vehicle

Our latest innovation is the Road Condition Survey. We are developing the use of ground penetrating radar, video, GPS and falling weight deflectometer to improve our understanding of the variations in the road matrix throughout the length of a road so that limited upgrading and maintenance resources can be targeted specifically to the deficient sections.

For further information please contact Alan Dickerson.