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Grants and regulations - Citizens Charter

The Government introduced the Citizen’s Charter as a means of improving public services and making them more responsive to users.

The Charter has been based on key principles, which all public services should apply in their activities.  The principles focus on outcomes with a direct impact on the user of the service. 

The standards that the Forestry Commission operates under the Charter are set out in the “Applicant’s Charter” for the Woodland Grant Scheme.  There is an Applicant’s Charter for England and one for Scotland and Wales.  The Forestry Commission also has a Charter Standard Statement for Felling Licensing.

These Charters set out the minimum standards that we aim to achieve. The Forestry Commission is committed to providing the best service possible with the resources available. 


Applicants Charter for England (PDF 197kb)

Felling Licence Charter  (PDF 201kb)


Last updated: 31st January 2018