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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Quick Guide

This Quick Guide summarises the EIA process from the initial decision that the work proposed should be classified as a forestry project to preparing the environmental statement as part of the application for consent. 

Please note that the majority of applications proceed only as far as Step 4.

1.  Check whether the proposals are a forestry project as defined in the EIA Regulations.

More info – Projects and thresholds
More info – Environmental Impact Assessment of Forestry Projects (PDF 551kb)
2.  Use the Land Information Search to find out if there are any designations or other sensitivities that might need to be taken into account.
3.  Check the area threshold table to see if your project area is below them.

More info – Projects and thresholds

4.  If the area of the project is under the relevant threshold, consent from the Forestry Commission may not be required.  If, however, any work has been carried out in an area adjacent to the project within the previous five years, this area must also be taken into account.

If under threshold, proceed with the project or submit an application for grant aid. 
5.  If the area is above the relevant threshold – check with the Forestry Commission to see if their consent is required.

Use the EIA Opinion Request Form Other documents are also needed to help the Forestry Commission make a decision

More info - Applying for Opinion 

6.  Follow this step only if the Forestry Commission decides that its consent is required.
Ask the Forestry Commission and other relevant bodies for advice in preparing the Environmental Statement.

More info -  Applying for consent

EIA Opinion Request Form (201kb) 
Environmental Impact Assessment of Forestry Projects (PDF 551kb) 
How to prepare an Environmental Statement (PDF 609kb)

Last updated: 31st January 2018