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Land Information Search (LIS)

The Land Information Search (LIS) is a map based tool that provides information about land designations or features e.g. Special Protection Areas, Grant Schemes etc. in any chosen area. 

The information generated by this LIS is only for England - a search in each country will be required for properties that cross borders.

  • basic search  - allows you to create a circle of a chosen size by clicking a point on the map
  • advanced - allows you to draw a more detailed shape on the map

Both options run the search against the same list of land designations.  The main difference is that the advanced search gives control over the shape that can be drawn allowing the area of interest to be more accurately represented.

Using the information when applying for grants or licences

You must take account of the information that the search provides. More details about any of the features or special areas listed on the LIS report are available by contacting the relevant organisation through their website.

Map requirements for the English Woodland Grant Scheme

You must supply a map with your grant or felling licence application which must be an Ordnance Survey MasterMap® (OSMM).  We can provide you with this type of map free of charge.  Your map must show the boundary of the area and specific details about your proposals.  Please see section 4 of EWGS1 General Guide (PDF 150kb) for details of what we expect you to show on the map.

Free maps

Download the Map Request Form. 

Minimum requirements for running the Land Information Search

The recommended Operating System for running the LIS is Microsoft Windows XP or above and the recommended internet browser is Internet Explorer 11*.

*Internet Explorer 11 must be run in Compatibility View mode to access the LIS.  Instructions on enabling Compatibility View can be found on the Microsoft website.

Internet Explorer versions 6 through 10 are also compatible.

There are known compatibility issues with the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Adobe Acrobat Reader will be required to read the help document on Advanced Search. 

'Pop-ups' - This site makes use of pop-up windows to display the report.  Please ensure that you do not block pop-ups.


We acknowledge the contributions made by the organisations who provide datasets for use in the Land Information Search.

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Getting Help

Please check the 'Minimum requirements for running the Land Information Search' section at the base of this page. If you cannot access the Land Information Search, or encounter any problems while using this system, please contact the Support Team: GR Systems Support.