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Woodland Grant Scheme

The Woodland Grant Scheme (WGS) was replaced in July 2005 with the English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS).  Although closed to new applications, the FC will honour existing agreements under the old WGS.  Please see below for details of how to make a claim or an amendment.

Making a claim

  • Remember to claim grant within the financial year agreed with us. 
  • Complete form WGS-FWPS 3 (PDF 82kb) to claim grant.  The applicant is wholly responsible for ensuring that the claim is accurate. 
  • Enclose a map showing the boundary of the area of the claim.
  • For Farm Woodland Premium Scheme payments (FWPS), claim the first five years payments by completing the FWPS section of the WGS-FWPS 3 (PDF 82kb).  We will then send forms for subsequent FWPS instalments.
  • Send the form and map to your local Forestry Commission office.
  • The work may be inspected before the claim is authorised. 
  • The Forestry Commission will send an Invitation to Claim for grants paid annually.

Making an amendment

  • Read our Grant Scheme Rescheduling Policy (PDF 35kb) if you are thinking of changing your planting or claim year.
  • Complete form WGS-FWPS 4 (PDF 66kb) to give details of the changes required.
  • Our approval will be required for any changes to work or land entered into the Farm Woodland Premium Scheme.
  • Applicants may be required to sign an amended WGS contract and Farm Woodland Premium Scheme Declarations and Undertaking.
  • Do not start any work until the amendment is approved.

Change of ownership

If you intend to sell or have already sold or transferred your property with an existing grant scheme, it is vital that you the owner, or your solicitor, inform your local Forestry Commission office as soon as possible. This gives us time to get in touch with you and the new owner to give advice about the grant scheme contract.


WGS Applicant's Booklet (PDF 249kb)
Farm Woodland Premium Scheme booklet (PDF 147kb)
WGS-FWPS 3 Claim form (PDF 82kb)
WGS-FWPS 4 Amendment form (PDF 66kb)
Successors application form (PDF 76kb)
WGS 9 Agreement to Transfer Obligations (PDF 59kb)
Applicant’s Charter Woodland Grant Scheme England  (PDF 197kb) 

The applicant or an authorised agent can claim and/or receive grant. The details of the claimant and payee are given in the approved contract.

Last updated: 31st January 2018

What's of interest

Successors formForm to complete if taking over land with an existing grant scheme
(PDF 76kb)



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