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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t listed here and you can’t find the answer elsewhere on the website please contact your nearest local office

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I obtain information on the English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS)?
All the Guides and Forms are available either via the EWGS homepage (by choosing the appropriate grant), or in the Document Library if you already know what you need. If you cannot download and print them please contact your local Area office and ask for an Applicant’s pack to be posted to you.

Q. How do I obtain a map?
You can obtain a map from your local Area office by downloading, printing and completing the Map Request Form (PDF 33kb).  Once you have received your map, complete it and the relevant application forms and then send them all to your local Conservancy office.  An EWGS application must include a completed map with the application forms.  Further information and the request form can be found on our Map Request page (accessed from the Land Information Search).

Q. Do I have to use the maps you can supply?
A. No.
Applicants may use an OS MasterMap® from a source other than the FC provided that it conforms to the conventions outlined in Section 4 of EWGS1 General Guide (PDF 150kb).  Subject to meeting these conventions other sources of acceptable maps may include those purchased from a retailer, provided from the Rural Land Register as part of a Defra scheme or produced on a Geographic Information System (GIS). We are working with a group of applicants to develop means of accepting digital data direct from applicants’ own GIS, but cannot do this yet.

Q. Does my woodland have to be certified to get FC grant aid?
Woodland properties over 30ha will need to be certified to the UK Woodland Assurance Standard. Properties under 30 hectares must either be certified under UKWAS, have a management plan or have the WMG Woodland Condition Statement and the associated Opportunity & Threat Assessment satisfactorily completed. Your woodland does not need to be certified in order to apply for any of the other grant types i.e. Woodland Planning, Assessment, Regeneration, Improvement or Creation Grant. Your woodland only needs to be certified if the property has more than 100 hectares of woodland and you want to apply for Woodland Management Grant. All other grants, including Woodland Improvement Grant for capital projects, are available.

Q. I am a farmer wanting to plant trees on my land or manage my existing woodland, can you explain whether I am better applying for EWGS or through Defra’s Environmental Stewardship?
We have published a document, Funding for Farm Woodlands in England (PDF 117kb), currently in the process of being updated, that explains the interactions between the two schemes. For more information contact your Woodland Officer at your nearest Area office or an advisor from the Rural Development Service.

Q.   I would like to plant some trees, are there grants available?
   Yes. The Forestry Commission can offer Woodland Creation Grant (WCG).  If you are a farmer you may be eligible to apply for a total of up to 3ha of tree planting under Defra’s Higher Level Stewardship scheme.

Q.   I have an approved contract but want to make changes.
   We will try to accommodate changes where possible but cannot guarantee it. If the change involves different timing for the work and claim, it is subject to our Budget Management Policy (PDF...).

Q.   I want to apply for a grant but I will need someone to do the work, will somebody come and help me?
A.   If you contact your local Area office they will be able to send you a list of Consultants and Agents who can help you with the application and the work. FC staff will come out and advise once an application is submitted but are usually unable to offer pre-application advisory visits.

Q.   I have a question about felling licences.
A.   See the Felling Licence Frequently Asked Questions  (PDF 27kb)

Last updated: 31st January 2018