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Map Request

Application maps will only be accepted if they are on an Ordnance Survey MasterMap® base.

We have adopted Ordnance Survey MasterMap® as the required map standard for applications. MasterMap® is the most up-to-date large-scale digital map of Great Britain and is recognised as the mapping standard. 

We will provide you with an OS MasterMap® free of charge to make your application.  You should allow two weeks for delivery if you plan to apply before an application window closes.

Request a map for your grant or felling application

Download, print and complete the Map Request Form and send it to your local Forestry Commission office

You should provide a copy of another map clearly highlighting the full area that needs to be on the print and showing the National Grid Reference of a point near the centre of the highlighted area.

Alternatively users may give the grid references for the four corners of the area you need.  Be careful to make sure that the whole area of the application is included within the four points.

All maps will be provided at A3 size and orientated landscape or portrait as the application area dictates.

How to mark your map

For CS Woodland Management Plan Grant application map requests please follow the guidance provided in section 4.4.3 of the CS Woodland Management Plan Manual.

Section 4 (page 10) of the EWGS1 General Guide (PDF 150kb) gives detailed information on completing your map.


Please note, these maps must only be used as part of the EWGS application process. If you use the map we give you for any other purpose, you will be in breach of copyright. 

Last updated: 15th March 2018