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Jigsaw challenge

This scheme is now closed so this page is for reference only.


The JIGSAW Challenge offered grants that contributed to sustainable forest management, particularly to encourage the expansion and linkage of semi-natural woodland.


JIGSAW grants were only available in certain targeted areas within each Conservancy.

The Challenge was competitive, where a panel of judges assessed applications against others received by each Conservancy. The funding for the Challenge was limited, thereby restricting the number of projects that could be grant aided.

The general requirements and priorities of the Challenge are given in the JIGSAW Challenge leaflet.


Explanatory leaflet:
Jigsaw Challenge (PDF 233kb)

Regional scoring forms:
North West England (PDF 175kb)
North East England (PDF 174kb)
Yorkshire and the Humber (PDF 185kb)
East Midlands (PDF 164kb)
West Midlands (PDF 168kb)
East England (PDF 176kb)
South West England (PDF 166kb)
South East England (PDF 190kb)

Application forms:
WGS-FWPS1: Application Form (PDF 78kb)
WGS-FWPS2: Proposal Form (PDF 80kb)
WGS 6a - Bid Form (PDF 50kb)

Useful Publications:
The UK Forestry Standard (PDF 31MB)
Practice Note No 8 - Using local stock (PDF 4338kb)
Bulletin 112 - a priced publication.  Please see Publications for details of how to order.


Last updated: 6th July 2017

What's of interest

Key dates for Jigsaw
22 April 2005
Bid deadline:
30 June 2005

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