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Ancient & Ornamental Woodlands

These woodlands, also known as pasture woodland,MATURE BEECH AND OAK TREES. MARK ASH ANCIENT AND ORNAMENTAL WOODLAND. NEW FOREST are left open  to the browsing of deer, ponies, cattle and pigs.

Pasture woodland is where mature trees are under-grazed by domestic stock - a type of agro-forestry. This was a common practice in the past, but sadly now, there are not too many examples left in the landscape.

In total the A&O woodlands cover some 3,692 hectares of the Open Forest.

Our policies in these areas are generally for minimal intervention and to allow the natural processes to continue.

However there are occasions when management actions are required such as for tree safety where there is high public pressure.

Other operations include the cutting of holly that can form dense thickets suppressing some of the rare lichens, and removal of exotic species such as rhododendron and some unwanted tree species.






Last updated: 30th June 2018


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