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Import and Export FRM

Exporting FRM
There is free movement of FRM throughout the European Union.  Suppliers exporting FRM must notify the Forestry Commission each time they export FRM to another EU country or Northern Ireland. The following information is required:

  • Supplier document number
  • Date of dispatch
  • Master Certificate number
  • Name and address of supplier
  • Name and address of receiver
  • Botanical name
  • Nature of reproductive material (seed, parts of plants, planting stock)
  • Type of basic material
  • Category of reproductive material
  • Purpose
  • National Register reference
  • Indigenous / non indegenous
  • Country and region of provenance or location of basic material
  • Origin of basic material if non-autochthonous or non-indigenous
  • Quantity of reproductive material
  • Length of time in nursery
  • Year in which seed ripened
  • Has basic material been genetically modified?
  • Has there been subsequent vegetative propagation of material derived from seed

This information must be sent to the FC within 1 month of export.

This information will then be sent to the Forest Authority in the Member state to which the FRM was sent. 

Importing FRM
FRM can be imported from countries outside the EU (third countries) where their certification scheme is deemed to be equivalent to the EU scheme.  The Forestry Commission must give prior approval before FRM can be imported from a third country.

In exceptional circumstances of short supply, the EU may allow the import and marketing of FRM from third countries that does not meet the standards of the EU Directive.  This is known as derogation.

Please also refer to the marketing and supplying frm and keeping records pages.


Last updated: 31st May 2018