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Marketing and supplying FRM

It is compulsory for anyone marketing or supplying FRM to Register with the Forestry Commission as a supplier. The Forestry Commission maintains a Register of Suppliers.

Should I be Registered?
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How to Register as a supplier
Fill in form FRM6 (see below) and send to  The form requests the following information: 

  • The supplier’s name, address and contact details
  • The nature of the supplier’s business or trade (e.g. seed collector, nursery, wholesaler)
  • Addresses of sites where the business operates

Basic obligations for Suppliers under the FRM Regulations

Selling FRM - Master Certificates
This document sets out information relevant to each specific collection of FRM, such as quantity, species, provenance and origin.  Each certificate is given a unique number that identifies that collection which must refer to a single entry in the National Register of Basic Material.  The Master Certificate number allows the Forestry Commission to trace the FRM from collection to planting. The suppliers who applied for them must keep Master Certificates for minimum period of 5 years.

  • How to get a Master Certificate
    Complete one or more of the following forms: 
    • FRM4A  Seed sources and stands
    • FRM4B  Seed orchards or parents of family
    • FRM4C  Clones and clonal mixtures 

  • When to apply for a Master Certificate
    The supplier must apply to the Forestry Commission for a Master Certificate within 9 months of collection of, or before marketing, the FRM, whichever is earlier.

Selling FRM - Suppliers Documents
Each time seed or plants grown from material covered by a Master Certificate are marketed; a Suppliers Document must be given to the buyer at the time of delivery. 

The Suppliers Document gives the following information:

  • All the information required by the Master Certificate
  • Quantity of FRM supplied
  • Name of the supplier
  • Master Certificate Number
  • Additional information as required

Suppliers Documents must be issued whenever marketing takes place at any stage in the production of planting stock for a single collection, not just when the original collector markets material.

Whenever seed is marketed, a Seed Test Certificate must also be copied to the recipient.  Seed testing is carried out by approved seed testers.

Seed Testing Guidelines produced by the Forestry Commission (March 2018)

Guidance to support the Seed Testing Guidelines (March 2018)

Approved Seed Testers

These are the Nurseries that are currently approved by the Forestry Commission to test seed.

See also importing and exporting and keeping records pages.


  • Anyone marketing FRM must register as a supplier
  • Suppliers must apply to the Forestry Commission for a Master Certificate
  • Suppliers documents must be given to the buyer
  • The supplier is required to keep certain documents that the Forestry Commission may check

Forms and booklets.jpg

FRM6 - How to register as a supplier (20k - pdf)
FRM 4A - Application form for Master Certificate - seed sources and stands (90k - pdf)
FRM 4B - Application form for Master Certificate - seed orchards or parent family (71k - pdf)
FRM 4C - Application form for Master Certificate - clones and clonal mixtures (76k - pdf)
FRM 4C Aspen A - Multiple cuttings from clones/clonal mixtures already covered by a LtoM
FRM 4C Aspen B - Cuttings from recently selected clones, not already covered by a Lto M
FRM 4C Aspen C - Application for a LtoM for a clonal mixture
Suppliers document (83k - MS Word document)
Example suppliers document (87k - pdf)

Last updated: 29th March 2018