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Peninsula Forest District: Executive Summary

The plan sets out how Forest Enterprise (FE) will manage Forestry Commission woodlands in Peninsula Forest District (Cornwall, Devon, West Somerset and the far west of Dorset) for the years 2004-2014. It describes a major change as a result of the demand for wider public benefits from woodland, which FE is keen to deliver. It must work with partners to fund this work in order to offset recent large reductions in funding and timber.

WALKERS LOOKING AT THE CLAPPER BRIDGE IN CARDINHAM WOOD.PENINSULA FDIn recognition of regional needs, nature conservation, health, recreation, tourism, education and local wood markets all receive far greater emphasis. Sustainability and the need for funding are key themes throughout.

The approach to delivery of the different objectives is based in more consultative and partnership working. The management of woods and trees will also change radically with less clearfelling, longer rotations and more gradual change overall. The list of actions, which will deliver the aims and objectives, includes key partners. A separate detailed internal action plan for staff will guide its implementation.



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Working together in the Peninsula Forest District: Strategic Plan 2004 - 2014
(PDF: 3.95 MB / 13 pages)
This plan sets out how Forest Enterprise as the organisation which manages Forestry Commission (FC) woods intends to deliver FC objectives within Peninsula Forest District (FD) in a locally relevant, sustainable and focussed way for the years 2004-2014. It covers the 16000 hectares of FC woods in Cornwall, Devon and west Somerset, which are managed by FE.