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Public Opinion of Forestry

The biennial household-based Public Opinion of Forestry survey measures the opinions of the public to forestry and forestry-related issues. The scope of the survey was increased in 2003 to provide more detailed reports for each country. Reports from surveys conducted since 1999 can be downloaded from here.

Latest figures: 2017

Final Reports:  UK and EnglandWalesScotland 
Tables in EXCEL format:  UK and EnglandWales ;  Scotland
Detailed data tables:    UK and EnglandWalesScotland

The 2017 report for Wales was revised on 1 August 2017 to correct a minor error in the text accompanying Table 12.

Coverage:  United Kingdom/Wales/Scotland (2017)

Geographical breakdown:  Country/English region/Other

Statistician:  Sheila Ward

Jackie Watson
Tel:  0300 067 5238

Next update:  To be confirmed

Pre-release access:
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Previous reports:


Final Reports:  UK and EnglandWalesScotland 
Tables in EXCEL format:  UK and EnglandWales ;  Scotland
Detailed data tables:    UK and EnglandWalesScotland

Final Reports: Northern Ireland   
Tables in EXCEL format: Northern Ireland
Detailed data tables: Northern Ireland   

Final Reports:  UK and EnglandWalesScotland
Tables in EXCEL format:  UK and EnglandWales ;  Scotland
Data tables:    UK and EnglandWalesScotland

Final Reports:  UK and EnglandWalesScotland
Data tables:    UK and EnglandWalesScotland

Summary report: Northern Ireland
Data tables:        Northern Ireland

Final reports:      UKEngland;  Wales / Cymru;  Scotland
Provisional results:     EnglandWales / Cymru;  Scotland
Data tables:       UKEngland;  WalesScotland set A;  Scotland set BScotland set C;  Scotland set D;                     

Final reports:     UK;  England;  Scotland;  Wales / Cymru;  Northern Ireland
Preliminary reports:    EnglandScotland;  Wales / Cymru;   Northern Ireland
Data tables:      UKEnglandScotland;  Wales set A;   Wales set B;   Northern Ireland

Final reports:     GB;  England;  Scotland;  Wales / CymruNorthern Ireland 

Final reports:      UK;  England;  Scotland;  Wales / Cymru;  Northern Ireland

Final report:       GB

Final report:       GB

Other surveys of public attitudes

Other surveys of public attitudes that include sections on forestry include:


Attitudes and behaviours to the environment  
Surveys of Public Attitudes and Behaviours Toward the Environment were commissioned by Defra in 2007, 2009 and 2011. The 2007 and 2009 surveys included a question on purchasing wood and wood products from certified sustainable sources. Previous environmental surveys were run by Defra and its predecessors in 1986, 1989, 1993, 1996-7 and 2001.


Public Attitudes to the Environment in Scotland 2002
A survey designed to provide data on the environmental knowledge, actions and attitudes of a sample of the Scottish population. A similar survey was conucted in 1991 and another is planned for 2008.

Scottish Environmental Attitudes and Behaviours Survey (SEABS) 2008
Following on from the survey in 2002 SEABS was set up to provide up to date data on environmental attitudes and behaviours in Scotland. Forestry related topics were covered by a question on recognition and purchases of timber products certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council as well as asking about the main causes of climate change.


Forest Europe publications  "Europeans and their forests" (August 2003) and "Europeans and wood" (November 2007) summarise findings from a range of surveys conducted across Europe, including the Forestry Commission's public opinion surveys.

The European Commission report "Shaping forest communication in the European Union: public perceptions of forests and forestry" was published in September 2009. The report presents analysis of existing surveys about public perceptions and key stakeholders' views on forests and forestry in the EU.

Last updated: 19th August 2017

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