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Basic search

To run a basic search:-

  •  enter a town/place, postcode or grid reference of the area you are interested in
  • select the area of the circle you want to draw and click on the Submit button.

A map of the area you have selected will be displayed

  • place and click the cursor on the map where you want the circle to be located (the 'Draw a circle' tool is selected by default).
  • Select the 'Run Search' button below the map to display a report of all the land designations that fall within or close to the shaded circle.
  • if you need to use the other tools to pan or zoom before locating the circle, you will need to reselect the 'Draw a circle' tool.

What is the location of the area you are interested in?

Town / Place
Include a space in your postcode i.e. A12 3BC
Grid Reference

What is the approximate size of the area you want to check ?

10 hectares
50 hectares
100 hectares
200 hectares
500 hectares
Enter your own area to the nearest 10 hectares   (maximum = 1,000 ha)

A hectare is an area on the ground that measures 100m x 100m in size (1 hectare = 10,000m2 = approximately 2.47 acres)


What's of interest

The recommended Operating System for running the LIS is Microsoft Windows 98™, or above and the recommended browser is Internet Explorer 6.0™ or above (including Internet Explorer 7.0™).

Getting Help
If you cannot access LIS, or encounter any problems while using this system, please contact

GR Systems Support.