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Cumbria woodlands

Lake District landscape views, Cumbria. North West England FDCumbria Woodlands is striving to re-integrate these woodlands with the rural economy by stimulating active management that will produce timber, generate jobs and enhance conservation, landscape and recreation value.


Cumbria Woodlands was launched in 1991 in response to widespread concern over the neglected state of the County’s woodlands.  The project brief was originally for five years, but the organisation has moved forward with the constantly changing funding environment. 

Wood chips for wood fuel.Funding and Partners

Current funding comes from Cumbria County Council, the European Social Fund (ESF), the Forestry Commission, the Lake District National Park Authority, Natural England and the Woodland Trust.  We currently have a team of three to deliver our work programmes.

For more information visit Cumbria Woodlands website

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