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Expert group members

Current Membership @ April 2018


Name                          Employer  Role / Expertise 
Peter Weston  Forest Research (Inventory, Forecasting and Operational Support) Chair 
Sheila Ward  Forest Research (Statistics)  FR Statistician 
Penelope Donohue  Forest Research (Statistics) Secretary/ FR Assistant Statistician 
Nick Boulton  Timber Trade Federation Classification and distribution of wood and wood products 
Andrew Heald  UK Confederation of Forest Industries  Forest management and timber supply  
David Sulman   UK Forest Products Association  Wood processing 
George Webb Norbord Europe Ltd  Panel Board Sector 
John Paterson  Egger UK  Panel Board Sector 
Alan Christison Tilhill Forestry  Sawmilling and timber harvesting 
Neil Cowan James Jones & Sons Ltd Harvesting, Wood supply and Co-products
David Leslie James Jones & Sons Ltd Sawmilling
Nigel Manley Balcas Timber Ltd Sawmilling/ Energy
Richard Palmer A W Jenkinson Forest Products Co-products supply and demand
Wally North Forestry Commission Public Forest Estate Marketing - England and Scotland
Michael Fairgrieve  DARD Forest Service N.Ireland Forestry
Alan Hunt Natural Resources Wales Wales Forestry
Andy Leitch Forestry Commission Scottish wood fibre supply chain
David Symons Euroforest Ltd Harvesting and Marketing
Stephen Stanley Scottish Woodlands Harvesting, Marketing and Forest Management




Last updated: 17th April 2018