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FAMILY ON THE TREE TOP TRAIL IN MOORS VALLEY COUNTRY PARK. NEW FOREST FDMany forests are in some of the most beautiful parts of Great Britain. Several are nationally owned by the Forestry Commission which means they belong to the people of Great Britain.

Many of the  Forestry Commission sites are MULTIPURPOSE  forests - they are not just places to grow timber, but provide homes for wildlife and places to have fun.


JUMP ON YOUR MOUNTAIN BIKE and explore some of the 2600 kilometres of forest cycle trails all over Britain, from wide forest roads to narrow tracks, you can have a gentle family outing or a challenging exciting bicycle adventure.

FIND YOUR WAY ORIENTEERING at one of the permanent orienteering courses which are at several of the 37 Forest Visitor centres around the country.  Orienteering is great fun for all the family.

PACK A PICNIC and head for the peace and tranquillity of the forest and one of the many picnic sites, maybe beside a pond where you can watch the dragonflies shimmering above you head or share your sandwiches with the ducks.

PLAY AREAS there are  30 forest play areas.  Climb on a giant spider's web, whiz down the aerial rope slide or turn into tarzan, swinging on a rope across a giant pit.

EXPLORE BY CAR on one of the 10 forest drives.  After paying a small fee you can head off into the woods on the forest roads, ideal for people of all ages who are not so active.

JOIN A RANGER LED ACTIVITY, like going on a night-time search for bats or glow worms; making a bird box; discovering the different bird songs; or even learning survival skills in case you ever get stranded in the forest!

GO FISHING! Catch your supper at one of the many fishing lakes.  Then all you will need is the chips!


Our forests are where you can watch one of the most exciting motor sports - Special Stage Car Rallies.  Each year there are 30 - 40 car rallies, and in November the International Rally of Great Britain is held.  The world's best drivers come to Britain's forests and test their skills against the challenges of the forest roads.


What's of interest

The forest is fun for everyone. That is why when you are in a forest you should treat it with respect.

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