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Dendroctonus micans consultation

Following the consultation exercise carried out in March 2003 into the future management of Dendroctonus micans (The Great Spruce Bark Beetle), a financial assessment of control options has been carried out.  The two options considered were (a) abandonment of the EU protected zone and associated surveys and movement controls or (b) adjustment of the boundary of the protected zone to encompass all of Wales and England, bar the North-east of the country.  The assessment concludes that it is no longer cost effective to maintain a protected zone given the cost of surveys and the limited losses from D.micans now that the specific predator Rhizophagus grandis is in general use.  We are now starting the process to have the necessary legislative changes made to the EC Plant Health Directive and The Plant Health (Forestry) (Great Britain) Order 1993. 

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Last updated: 7th July 2018