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Putting a Tawny owl back after health check in Wythop ForestThe Wildlife Team work closely with the other area based teams to protect wildlife, improve habitats and controlling the deer population.

The team is part of the Lake District Osprey Project providing specialist help, advice and assistance and is working to protect the Red Squirrels in and around North Cumbria and reintroduce Red Kites to Cumbria.

The team includes:-

  • Philip Spottiswood (Team Leader based in Bellingham, Northumberland)
  • Ian Yoxall                      (Wildlife Ranger based in South Cumbria)
  • James Upson                  (Wildlife Ranger based in South Cumbria)
  • Jon Beardsley                 (Wildlife Ranger based in South Cumbria)
  • Mathew Easton               (Wildlife Ranger Based in North Cumbria)

The team can be contacted at 01434 220242 or by email

Ranger holding a ringed red kite chick which has just been fitted with a radio transmitter.  Wildlife ranger ringing barn owl chick


England's Woods and Forests are cared for by Forest Enterprise England, an agency of the Forestry Commission.