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Frequently asked questions

Q.  Can I get photo images of locations from all FC Districts?

A. This information is becoming available through the website by clicking on the UK Map area of your choice.

Q. Are forest locations available to use for filming all year round?

A. Subject to any local forest operations, or on some open areas, where there may be disturbance to ground nesting birds, (between late February and July) under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

What are your Location Fees?

A. The FC has guidelines to fees depending on the type of shoots (Movie, TV, Drama, Children's, Commercials, Promotions etc.) However, local staff will be free to negotiate either way.

. Are FC roads suitable for use by heavy unit vehicle for access?

A. All forest blocks are mapped to show lorry roads suitable for heavy vehicles. Most FC forests are particularly well roaded and also have drivable roads suitable for seasonal use.

Can Production Companies build sets, cut, burn or remove trees in special circumstances for a scene?

A. Forest Managers are generally flexible and resourceful in most cases and will do all they can to help, subject to re-instatement requirements. The only exception would be areas designated as SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) where English Nature would be consulted.

Q. Can Forest staff put me in touch with Local Contractors for location work?

A. All Forest District Offices have a list of approved Contractors that would have suitable labour and machinery.

Can we film in the forest at night?

A. Generally, Yes, subject to any likely disturbance to neighbours and notification to local police.

Can we use firearms, firing blank rounds only, in the forest?

A. Generally, Yes, subject to notification to local police.

. Can helicopters overfly the forest or land in the forest?

A. In suitable areas this can be authorised with the usual safety measures that apply.



Last updated: 16th March 2016

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