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Filming on Forestry Commission land

We offer a variety of woodland backdrops suitable for film locations: conifer woods or deciduous woods with a clear forest floor; open space with tree surrounds, gravel or tarmac roads running through woods; ponds; views and undulating scenery.

Ample parking for unit bases is available, all within a commutable distance from London.

Location types:

We offer every type of woodland and forest setting from the formal landscaped splendours of Forest Arboretums and Gardens to the wild and sweeping grandeur of Britain's upland Forests.

Hidden away in the forest there can be old buildings, bridges, quarries, rockfaces, rivers, lochs, ponds and open spaces as well as wonderful panoramic vistas.

List of the location types

Feature productions:

The very best of movie entertainment has used the Forestry Commission estate, including:

  • Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, filmed in parts of the New Forest

  • Braveheart, filmed at Glen Nevis Lochaber

  • Highlander End Game, filmed at Wendover Wood Chilterns SE England

  • Gladiator – filmed at Bourne Wood SE England

  • The Man Who Cried – filmed at Bourne Wood SE England

Filming in South England:

Within easy reach of London, Bourne Woods is often a Location Manager's first port of call, with its diverse and accessible range of locations.



Pam Eastwood:
Filming Liaison and Development Officer
Forestry Commission
Bucks Horn Oak
Surrey GU10 4LS
Mobile: 07778 110349

West England:

Stephanie Johns (North)
Tel: 0300 067 4826

East England:

Roger Woods
Tel: 01842 816033

Central England:

Lizz Demers
Tel: 0300 067 5468

North England:

Tel: 01434 220242


Tanya Rex
Tel: 01751 470725


Heather Lilley
Tel: 0300 067 4817

Last updated: 17th November 2017

What's of interest

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Braveheart and Gladiator are just some of examples of blockbuster movies filmed on Forestry Commission land.

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