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Things we make from hardwood trees


ASH timber is a natural shock absorber so it is ideal for making tool handles, oars and hockey sticks.




SMALL LEAVED LIME has a pale cream coloured wood, which is fine, textured and does not split. It is ideal for carving and turning. Also it doesn't warp so is used for the keys and sounding boards of pianos.



OAK has always been an important timber tree. Its wood is strong and very long lasting. It was used for making boats and ships and for timber frames of buildings. Its bark contains lots of tannin and was used for tanning leather. Oak timber is used for furniture, fencing, gates, flooring and for special uses in building.




 SYCAMORE wood is a pale cream colour. It does not stain or taint food and stays smooth after scrubbing, so it was very popular for kitchen tables and utensils. Because it does not stain it was ideal for rollers in the textile industry as it would not mark the cloth. Pieces of Sycamore timber with a very fine grain are highly valued for making violins.


All hardwood trees are also used to make furniture.

Last updated: 11th July 2017