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14. Environmental Perception: The Relationship With Age


Reviews two broad areas of research:

  1. the child's perception of space and place;
  2. the environmental perception and behaviour of the elderly.
MethodologyLiterature review.
ResultsConsiders that there is a need for research to discover the impact of age on perception across the whole of the age spectrum.
PublishedProgress in Human Geography, 13 (1):99-106
AuthorsGold, J.R. and Goodey, B.
PublisherElsevier Scientific Publishing Co.
Pricesubscription c. c. 146 p.a. (4)
Keywordsenvironmental perception (age) cognition and age; cognitive maps
CommentsSuggests that it is difficult to consider other factors on perception (gender, ethnicity, social, etc.) without understanding the influence of age. Provides a useful summary of research related to age and landscape perception in children and the elderly. The authors conclude that further research is required over the age spectrum but make no reference to the work of Lyons, (1983) for example. The review covers interdisciplinary research but from a geographer's perspective. It does not cover new ground but does indicate possible areas for further research.
ReferenceLyons, E. (1983) Demographic Correlates of Landscape Preference, Environment and Behavior 15 (4) :487-511.