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Index of Project Reviews

  1. Effects of Sounds on Preferences for Outdoor Settings
  2. Scenic Assessment: An Overview
  3. The Aesthetics of Environment
  4. Prediction of Scenic Beauty Using Mapped Data and Geographic Information Systems
  5. The Aesthetics of Landscape
  6. Goethean Science as a Way to Read Landscape
  7. Visual Perception
  8. Landscape Architects' Interpretations of People's Landscape Preferences
  9. "Whose Vision? Whose Meanings? Whose Values? Pluralism and Objectivity in Landscape Analysis
  10. Environmental Assessment
  11. Focus on Landscape Aesthetics
  12. Aesthetics and the Natural Environment
  13. The Dimensions of Aesthetic Preference: A Quantitative Analysis
  14. Environmental Perception: The Relationship with Age
  15. Personal Construct Theory in the Measurement of Environmental Images
  16. Nature Experience in Transactional Perspective
  17. Explaining the Emotion People Experience in Suburban Parks
  18. The Landscape Encountered while Hiking
  19. Environmental Preference: A Comparison of Four Domains of Predictors
  20. Towards a Methodology for the Measurement of Knowledge Structures of Ordinary People (The Conceptual Content Cognitive Map) (3cm)
  21. Understanding Spatial Concepts at the Geographical Scale Without the Use of Vision
  22. Comparing Live Experience with Pictures in Articulating Landscape Preference
  23. Demographic Correlates of Landscape Preference
  24. Exploring Forest and Recreation Management Preferences of Forest Recreationists in Alberta
  25. Environmental Aesthetics: Theory, Research and Applications
  26. The Potential Influences of Environmental Perception on Human Health
  27. Evaluation of Urban Riverscape Aesthetics in the Canadian Prairies
  28. Smellscape
  29. Soundscape
  30. Environmental Aesthetics: Ideas, Politics and Planning
  31. Preference or Preferences for Landscape?
  32. The Aesthetics of Forestry: What has Empirical Preference Research Taught Us?
  33. Adaptation Level and the Affective Appraisal of Environments
  34. Emotion and the Environment
  35. Is there a Correct Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature?
  36. "Where did you go?" "The Forest" "What did you see?" "Nothing"
  37. Critical Importance of Exposure Duration for Affective Discrimination of Stimuli that are not Recognised
  38. A Paradigm for Distinguishing Significant from Non-significant Visual Impacts: Theory, Implementation, Case Histories
  39. Natural versus Urban scenes: Some Psychophysiological Effects
  40. Landscape Perception: Research, Application and Theory





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