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Timber customer charter - our commitments

1 Production and Sales Information

We shall provide via this website:

- a production forecast at 5 yearly intervals, covering Forestry Commission woodlands, detailing anticipated timber production levels over the following 20 years, broken down by country and between sawlogs and small roundwood, and we shall be prepared to provide more detailed information to individual customers who require it for planning purposes.

- interim annual forecasts, between 5-year forecasts, but only if such annual forecasts indicate a need for significant modification of the existing 5 year forecast.

- an annual sales plan showing planned Forestry Commission production over the following year, split between standing sales and direct production, together with the expected sawlog out-turn from the latter.

-a list of sale events giving anticipated quantities.

- twice yearly tables of indices showing movements in prices obtained by the Forestry Commission for both standing sales and sawlogs. Timber Price Indices

- summary of Forestry Commission:

A minimum of three bids per lot and three lots per category is required before publication of summary results. 
No Logpole figures are currently published.

- Monthly Graphs showing movements in the prices obtained by the Forestry Commission for sawlogs and standing sales over the previous 3 month period. FC Monthly Timber Price Graphs 

2 Sales Quantities

We undertake, in normal circumstances, to bring to the market at least the volumes of round timber included in our annual sales plans + or - 5%, via Long Term Contracts, open competition sales and local negotiations.

3 Sales Procedures

We shall make available to our customers, on request,  a summary of our standard sale procedures and consult with customers, through the Trade Associations, before making any significant changes to these procedures.

4 Market Awareness

We shall ensure that our Harvesting and Marketing staff are both knowledgeable and informed regarding the homegrown timber market in general, also with regard to the particular requirements and specifications of individual customers.

5 Contract Management

We undertake to:

- Provide customers with contracts to cover all sales of timber, except for small cash sales.

- Use one of a series of standard contracts, adapted if necessary to meet the particular circumstances of an individual sale.

- Designate a contract manager for each individual contract, to be the first line of contact between the customer and the Forestry Commission.

6 Credit Management

We shall make available to our customers, on request, details of our procedures regarding the granting of credit for timber sales and we undertake to apply these procedures equally to all customers.

7 Liaison Meetings

We undertake to invite all representatives of our customers to attend a liaison meeting at least annually.

Key Contacts in England


The Countryside and Rights of Way Act, 2000, makes provision for public access to the countryside in England and Wales.

In December 2001 the Forestry Commissioners decided that wherever possible the Forestry Commission's freehold estate in England and Wales would be dedicated, giving right of access over that land in perpetuity.

9  e-Business

The Forestry Commission is committed to improving services to its' customers and suppliers. In addition to maintaining traditional manual systems we are also involved in the development of e-Business solutions that offer substantial benefits to Customers and the UK Forestry industry in general.

Developments to date include the implementation of eSales; our electronic timber sales system, as well as a number of electronic data exchange solutions. These initiatives have brought considerable service improvements, cost savings and efficiencies for individual companies and the industry as a whole. We are involved in the expansion of existing services as well as developing new systems and will ensure that Customers are fully involved throughout the development process.

For further information please contact:

10 FOI

Under the Data Protection Act, the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations you have a right of access (subject to certain exemptions) to the information that we hold.

You can use our Publications Scheme or our site Search-engine to do your own search, or see our Requesting Information pages to find out how to make a formal request. 

Last updated: 14th February 2019