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Explore Wombwell Wood
(Average user rating: 4 unrated 3.2/5)

This ancient semi-natural broadleaf woodland provides the ideal habitat for a huge variety of wildlife species, and is the ideal spot for a great family day out with play, trails and orienteering.

Wonder through the woods on a variety of paths and pay a visit to the newly opened Upper Woodhead area.

The site is home to a rich diversity of wildlife including skylarks, meadow pipits, woodpeckers and kestrels. Carpets of Bluebells can be seen in the spring.

You can try the orienteering course or take a gentle walk along the Health Walk route and at the end the kids can play on the Natural Play area.

What do other visitors say?

can the gate at the car park end be opened so anglers can get there tackle down to the fishing pond

Anonymous, 1/Nov/2017

There is no official provision for fishing at Wombwell at present. We are working on a solution to reopen the ponds for angling, but until that time there is no vehicular access from the car parks down to the ponds.

Forestry Commission Response

Much gossip about the future of the ponds. It's a shame to see how the whole area has changed and now home to endless rubbish floating in the ponds and on the banks, with still smoldering fires and evidence of drug use. What's happened to the place?? It was a pleasure to go when the ponds were run by a local couple, well maintained, clean and tidy. Forestry commission.. You should be ashamed, and why is the top gate padlocked and never opened? Is it to put people off using the ponds because they have to haul their tackle all the way down the hardcore track on foot? Now with all the industrial machinery churning up the woodland and leaving destruction behind for the wildlife to suffer. Shame on you Forestry commission... Shame on you...

Pete Dodsworth, 28/Aug/2017

The ponds at Wombwell Woods have been managed by private individuals in the past. However, after the last tenants lease expired, the Forestry Commission has been unable to find a suitable replacement. We are therefore exploring a community-based solution to managing the ponds to address the issues noted in your e-mail. The recent thinning of the wood will improve both the biodiversity (through improved light levels reaching the woodland floor) and the value of the remaining timber, thus providing future income for the maintenance of car parks and paths. It is necessary to use harvesting machinery for this task but reinstatement of any superficial damage to the main paths which were affected by the work has now taken place.

Forestry Commission Response
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Good morning.I live near wombwell woods.I also fish at the res.ive fished at the res for over 30 years.the res and the woods used to be a place of beauty idyllic .anglers walkers always busy.but today the res and the woods is an absolute disgrace.its so upsetting the amount of destruction that your machines have caused.the res is a disgrace.rubbish strewn all over.trees have fallen into the water causing a massive safety issue.the tree has been like that since 2016.people are night fishing making fires .when the pond was managed buy a local man .they was no rubbish well maintained.full of was a pleasure to fish.people came from all over yorkshire to fish the just litter louts who dont an organisation as big as what you are you would think it was possible to manage the woods properly.give the res back to the anglers.keep the pond and the woods a place where people will come back to for fishing and walking.

Mark, 10/Jul/2017

We are currently investigating various ways to manage the ponds at Wombwell, ideally involving the local community, so that the anti-social behaviour of people who visit the area can be kept to a minimum.

Forestry Commission Response
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Last updated: 17th November 2017

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  • Day tickets for fishing are issued by Reel 'Em' In, Wombwell. EIther from their shop or on the day at the ponds.
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  • Please get in touch for our Orienteering Map
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