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Explore Stockhill Wood
(Average user rating: 4 unrated 4/5)

Stockhill interpretation panel, Mendips

Stockhill is a pre-dominantly coniferous woodland within the Mendip Hills AONB and is renowned for its nightjar and long-eared owl populations.

There is a medium sized car park, a small number of picnic benches and a circular easy access trail

The ground reveals the rise and fall of lead mining over 2000 years. The Mendip Hills had rich veins of lead running just beneath the surface in seams. These seams or 'rakes' were dug and then reworked over generations as machinery and techniques improved. This activity has led to the industrial wasteland or gruffy ground of lumps, bumps and rock outcrops you see today.

What do other visitors say?

4 Stars 4 Stars

Dog owners still not picking up their dog faeces the area around the car park and wooded area by it is covered. you can't look at the beauty of the place coz if you take your eyes off of the ground for 2 seconds you have stood in it. Dog mess bin was also overflowing. Can you put up more signs reminding irresponsible dog owners that this is unacceptable anywhere in the woods.

Marina Broom, 15/Jan/2018

We are sorry to hear that your enjoyment of the woodland was ruined by a select number of irresponsible dog owners. The mess had improved a lot in this woodland and so this is sad to hear. We will ensure we visit more regularly at peak times like this and continue to promote responsible dog ownership on site.

Forestry Commission Response
5 Stars 5 Stars

I love walking my dog around the paths in this beautiful wood everyday, but have noticed over the last three days horse/pony hoof marks churning up the muddy tracks. At the entrances to the woods it clearly states no horses (picture of horseshoe with a cross through it) but it clearly is ignored. I am not sure how my dog would react if faced with horses approaching him down the narrow tracks.

Winter Robin, 15/Oct/2017

Thank you for your comments. Whilst we do not mind horse riders sticking to the hard surfaced tracks, we would not expect them to ride on soft tracks because of the issues you describe. Thank you for making us aware of this issue.

Forestry Commission Response
5 Stars 5 Stars

Beautiful place to walk through the woods with the children! We happened to come across the remnants of one of the illegal raves on our Sunday morning walk, even this didn't put us off. The revellers were litter picking and bagging up any sign that they'd been turning off the music for a horse rider and dog walkers or the children. I'm sure the ancient ancestors watched and smiled from over on the barrows to see the next generation actually getting outside and celebrating a bit of our natural world for a change like it has been done up there for 1000s of years until we became a fan of all these rules. I agree not great for the wildlife if it is a constant hassle but every once in a while what is the harm in a bit of live and let live? It brought the forest alive for a few hours, and honestly added something special to our normally very predictable morning walk.

Wild Child, 6/Oct/2017
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