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Explore Haywood Oaks
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Haywood Oaks is a small wood with hidden treasures. Mature oak trees, which are several hundred years old, can still be seen throughout the wood and provide a snap shot of the Sherwood of times gone by.

There are two car parks to access the wood one on Baulker Lane and the other on Haywood Oaks Lane.


What do other visitors say?

Can you please explain why the car park on Haywood lane has been closed? Thank you

Anonymous, 16/May/2017

This car park should be open. It was checked in the last few days and has been open. I hope enjoy your visit.

Forestry Commission Response

Would it be possible to have a dog poo bin in the car park, so there would be somewhere to depose of it. Hopefully that will then encourage people to pick up after their dogs so they don't have to put it in their cars. As the amount of dog poo on the main path is out of control and the walk would be a lot more pleasurable if there was somewhere to deposit the poo.

Charlry, 6/Jan/2016

Thank you for your feedback on your visit to Haywood Oaks which has been passed to me as the Forester for this area. In answer to your query we have looked into the provision of dog waste bins/litter bins at our sites, but due to the size of our landholding and the numbers of users this is not an economically viable use of taxpayers money. It has also been our experience on other sites where bins have been provided, that the issue has not reduced, and it has also resulted in other anti-social activities such as the bins being set alight. Therefore to control the litter we have a contractor to collect this in the vicinity of the car parks on a weekly basis, but we do have to rely on visitors to treat the forest appropriately, including dog owners acting responsibly. The Forestry Commission does try to encourage responsible dog ownership on our sites through the medium of signage, working with the Kennel Club to promote this within the rural environment, by requesting the owners to either 'bag it and bin it at home', or disposing of the debris well off the path.

Forestry Commission Response

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Last updated: 16th May 2018

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What's Here?

  • Cycling
  • There are no designated trails but feel free to explore on your bike.
  • Horse riding
  • Horse riding is allowed here.
  • Information
  • There is an information panel in Haywood Oaks car park off Haywood Oaks Lane.
  • Parking
  • Free parking at Haywood Oaks Lane and Baulker Lane car parks.
  • Walking
  • Explore the woods from the car park.
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OS Grid ref: SK608547

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Opening & Parking

Free parking at Haywood Oaks Lane and Baulker Lane car parks.
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