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Lonesome Pine Trail
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Grade of Trail:

  • Difficult

Length of trail:

11 miles

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Trail description

Cyclists riding the Lonesome Pine mountain bike trail in Kielder Forest

This red grade cross-country trail is one of the most spectacular in England (download pdf map). Starting from Kielder castle, the first 3 miles are on the Lakeside Way multi-user trail. At Lewisburn the adrenalin starts to pump as the first section of singletrack along Lewisburn Valley hits you.

The trail climbs out of the valley and heads up to the top of Purdom Pike at over 1000 feet where you will be greeted by quite simply breath-taking views of the North Tyne Valley and beyond. To help get you across the boggy terrain of Purdom Pike is a 1000 yards of timber 'fly-over', the longest of its kind in England.

From Purdom Pike the trail begins its descent back towards Kielder village, passing Skyspace and close to Kielder Observatory. The final stretch down Bewshaugh to the village is a thrilling flowing descent through the forest. Please observe all warning signs.

As with all trails in Kielder, please be fully prepared for riding in remote environments and come properly equipped. The weather can change rapidly and small equipment failures can quickly turn into a more serious situation. Always let somebody know where you are going and when you are due back.

Overview map of ALL Kielder's 100 miles of trails (download pdf here).

What do other visitors say?

5 Stars 5 Stars

Just had 7 days in Kielder and the trails are great.

Osprey - pretty good blue route. Fast and flowing and a good workout over the 15 miles if you include the climb back up to the Chick section.

Lonesome Pine - great route apart from the first 3 miles on the Lakeside Way (although the warm up is very useful) and the incredibly slippy Northshore section over the top. I couldn't get any grip at all - either on the bike or walking so ended up walking slowly alongside for a good section. Nearly broke my neck. You can miss this out though when wet and I would recommend doing so!! I chose to miss the Bloody Bush trail for this reason but hopefully the weather will be better when we return. Some good single track but mainly fast flowing rather than technical.

Deadwater - brilliant climb to the top of the fell. Very hard work though. Good challenging descents back to the village. Favourite trail but I hope next time I will be able to enjoy the view as the weather was horrendous!! October for you!

Already planning a return!

Jonny p, 27/Oct/2016
3 Stars 3 Stars

SORT THE BLACK GRAVEL OUT! Once again a ride that should be a total blast is ruined by piles of deep poorly compacted black stones. What is going on a Kielder.

Derek, 3/Jun/2016
3 Stars 3 Stars

Having come from the comparatively immaculately groomed trails of the 7 Stanes to Lonesome Pines, the switch in surface conditions is very noticeable.

If you're used to trail centre micro-fine gravel, come prepared for lumpier stones, and very different soil. Sandy, gravelly (where the Reavers have been at work) and slippier, even in the dry.

As other users have said, signage to the start of the MTB trails are v poorly signed, unless you are relgious at your map reading.

But once on the Lewisburn turn off, the grading is fare. It's a heart-pumping red route. A lot of climbing, nothing too technical on the way out, and a fair bit of fire road slog. But that's great for enduro fitness! Don't slag it til you try it.

Wish they could make the route a wee bit ' bermier' and perhaps to address the slippy larger sized gravel. It's clearly a less-oft used trail, but in the wet, is very slippy for 'entry level' users on own brand tyre, hardtails.

I'll eat my own helmet to anyone who can stay in the saddle on the climb all the way to the Northshore section at Stairway to heaven. I find it faster to walk the last set of switch backs.

The Northshore section is fun, fun, fun. Even in snow. Great views!

The descent offers very challenging conditions, rutty, large stones and the slabby stream crossing is a good test.

Bewshaugh descent is perhaps my favourite part on the route and most akin to Tweed valley type riding. Pure bendy, windy forest very narrow single track and it's good!

Overall good, but the descent after the Northshore exit could do with smoothing out. The off-camber gravel is tricky for less experienced riders and less techy bikes.

Bermboomer, 5/Jul/2015

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