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Explore Tuetoes Wood
(Average user rating: 5 unrated 4.5/5)

Laughton Forest was originally planted by the Forestry Commission in 1927. Before this time, the area was mainly open heathland with ponds, small woodlands and shifting sand dunes.

The forest still supports a wide range of these habitats, which include many locally and nationally rare plants, animals and birds.


Most of Laughton Forest is leased from Meynell Estate and public access is restricted.  However, Tuetoes is owned by the FC and you are welcome to explore.  This map shows the area at Tuetoes and the rest of the forest.  If you wish to explore the wider forest please stay on the Right of Way which is also shown on the map


Enjoy the tranquility of the woodland, home to flapping herons and elusive nightjars.


What do other visitors say?

5 Stars 5 Stars

I think it is ridiculous that there is no public right of way from the Tuetoes car park to the actual PROW path that run through Laughton woods. How are you supposed to reach it from Tuetoes car park then?

Steve, 24/Aug/2018

Hi Steve, the Forestry Commission own the land at Tuetoes and as such can provide public access from the car park across that part of the forest. I can only suggest that if you want to park at Tuetues and walk down Rainsford Road then you could walk down the road to get there.

Forestry Commission Response

Hi I'm just wondering what happens to all the trees that either fall down or blow over ?

Stephen Olivant, 10/Apr/2017

Hi Stephen, there is no quick answer to this question. If trees fall within the wood and don't interfere with roads, rides, boundaries or other things in the wood then they are left where they fall. Trees that fall outwith this are dealt with to ensure safety and access is maintained. The log and brash that is left is used for various purposes, it is left for wildlife or may go to a school for a wild area amongst many other uses. I hope this helps answer the question.

Forestry Commission Response
4 Stars 4 Stars

Lovely Woods but a little small for the longer walker / runner as you are unable to explore the wider area. Was asked today by shooters not to use the cobbled path that runs along the south edge joining the public & private area. Can anyone clarify who has right of access on this path?

Dave, 14/Jan/2017

Hi Dave, I have had a look at the map and it looks like some of that path is accessible and some isn't. It's a confusing section by all accounts but you should be OK if you stick to the north of that road.

Forestry Commission Response

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Last updated: 29th June 2018

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  • Parking
  • A car park is available off East Ferry Road.
  • Walking
  • Stroll beneath soaring tree trunks and soak up the fresh smell of pine. Take in the panoramic views over the surrounding farmland.
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OS Grid ref: SE845009

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Opening & Parking

A car park is available off East Ferry Road.

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