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  • Demanding

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3 miles

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Map of Mortimer Forest Trails


Trail description

The view from High Vinnalls, Mortimer ForestThis trail ascends to the summit of the High Vinnalls giving panoramic views in all directions and then passes through a variety of timber crops and open deer lawns.

This is a moderate to hard walk with some steep climbs, good footwear is essential, especially in wet weather.

What do other visitors say?

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Just to say that I ventured out into the forest today in the beautiful ice and snow and, at last, followed your Vinnalls Loop route correctly! What a dunce I am - the route was clearly marked so I cant imagine why I went so wrong! Not to mention missing out on some of the best stretches through the woodland. A beautiful walk. Highly recommended!

Chloe Alexander, 28/Dec/2017

Terrible signing on this route! After you come down the hill on the main track from where the fire watch tower and bench used to be (where is it??) you reach a bend in the main path ahead on a wide track with absolutely no indication where the walk continues, left down the slope or right up the hill? It's ridiculous and I took the left path and got completely lost, backtracking at one point on a section of the walk that I'd started with. Really frustrating as on other sections of this walk there are multiple way signs. Please sort this out. I hate getting lost up in the forest and I love walking there.

Chloe Alexander, 27/Oct/2017

Thank you for your feedback, I will get the waymarkers reviewed. The bench is back, it had to be removed as it was rotten but it has now been replaced.

Forestry Commission Response

What's happened to the bench at High Vinnalls - and when will it be replaced? My wife and I (both in our 70s) slogged up the hill today looking forward to a nice sit down to admire the fantastic view on a lovely day. No bench!

Robert Haywood, 6/Oct/2017

We had to remove the bench for safety reasons. There will be a replacement very soon.

Forestry Commission Response
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