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Explore Haugh Woods
(Average user rating: 4 unrated 3.9/5)

Wood white butterflyBeautiful Broadleaf Woods.

The name Haugh, which is pronounced "Hoff" is derived from the name of a Saxon owner indicating that this is the site of an ancient wood. Haugh Woods, at nearly 350 hectares (850 acres), is nationally important for butterflies and moths, with over 600 species recorded within it. This makes the wood one of the top 10 woods in the country and is designated as a SSSI due to the presence of these invertebrates.

What do other visitors say?

if L A U G H spells laff

H A U G H spells half

No local calls it Hoff cannot think where this name comes from must have been some posh saxons

Pete, 21/Nov/2016
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I have been walking these woods for years. Sadly I am seeing a decline in what the woods were designed for. Huge fires being started, motor cross bikes, camping, litter and worst of all the amount of dogs not under control. Came across a couple with 6 dogs running wild, no leads and they were clearing hunting. I saw 2 of the dogs chase a horse and the owners did nothing even when the rider asked them to get the dogs under control. I remember when a warden used to come around, can this not be done on a volunteer basis if resources are low?

Hannah Davis, 15/Oct/2016

Thank you for your comments, it is really helpful to have 'ears and eyes' on all our sites, we rely more and more on local people feeding back to us. The fires are from when we have the volunteer days to burn some of the brash that is too small to be stacked for habitat. Motor bikes can be an issue and need to be reported to the police directly as this goes against our byelaws. We do have litter contractors and our staff and volunteers do pick up or report tipping when seen. The local ranger has not seen dogs out of control but you are right owners should take responsibility for them and when this is seen we do talk to owners. We do have a great band of volunteers in the District who help us to deal with many of these things as well as help wildlife through conservation work. If you or anyone you know would like to support us in this please get in touch at

Forestry Commission Response
4 Stars 4 Stars

Fabulous walk today. First time there. Main car park could do with dog poo bins. Otherwise loved the area.

Sandie, 21/Aug/2016
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