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Explore The Rufus Stone
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THE RUFUS STONE MEMORIAL TO WILLIAM II. NEW FOREST FPThe Rufus Stone Car park is situated within ancient wood pasture on the eastern edge of the Forest.

A short stroll takes you to the famous memorial to King William II.

Many stories abound but it is said that an arrow shot at a stag by one Walter Tyrrell glanced off a tree and killed the King.

Rufus Stone MP3 Podcast

Take your very own 'ranger' out in the New Forest by downloading the Rufus Stone Podcast for your MP3 player by clicking here.

What do other visitors say?

4 Stars 4 Stars

As a lad my father would stop here after visiting relatives in Ringwood or on the return from Lulworth. I revisited this year on a return trip from Australia where I now live. It is a beautiful spot and worth a visit. I sent a postcard of Rufus Stone to Tyrell Wines in the Hunter Valley, NSW who name an excellent Shiraz 'Rufus Stone'.

Paul Yunnie, 15/Sep/2018
1 Star 1 Star

Waste of time. At least the signs on the Westbound A31 have been taken down so the likelihood of killing yourself in the interests of seeing this historically dubious and unimpressive monument are reduced.

Anonymous, 15/Dec/2017

We are sorry you found the Rufus Stone monument disappointing. To be sure it is modest, but please bear in mind it is not promoted as a visitor centre or an elaborate landmark. It’s simply just one of the many small curious features of the New Forest that helps visitors relate to the history of the unique landscape. The actual position of the ‘stone’ may be dubious but the story of William II’s death is authentic and takes us right back to the origins of the Forest. Also, the monument (both versions!) are old enough to be historically significant in their own right - The Rufus Stone was erected by William Sturgess Bourne in 1841, but it replaced an earlier stone put up by John Lord Delaware in 1745. And if you are looking for some refreshments and even an excellent children’s play area, go next door to the appropriately named Sir Walter Tyrell pub.

Forestry Commission Response

I have a post card of the Rufus Stone; that is why I looked it up here. Not been to see it. Thanks for information.

Anonymous, 19/Apr/2017
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