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Barbecues in the New Forest

The New Forest is a popular place to have a barbecue.

Family barbecuing at Bolderwood. New ForestIn order to protect this special landscape from the risk of fire we request that if you are planning a barbecue you read the information below.

The forest is a special place and we ask that you help to keep it that way:

  • Open fires are not allowed
  • Disposable BBQs can only be used at the following locations, Bolderwood, Blackwater and Wilverley, where stands and water are available
  • Raised non-disposable BBQs are allowed on the gravel of Forestry Commission car parks, providing that you have water available and they are full extinguished after use
  • Make sure that all rubbish, including BBQ coals, are taken away with you
  •  The collection of wood from the forest is not permitted
  •  BBQs which are in breach of the code or not considered safe will be extinguished

If you have any questions about having a barbecue please do not hesitate to contact us on 0300 067 4601 (Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm) or e-mail   

Due to the high risk of fire the use of disposable barbecues is not permitted in the New Forest, unless it's at one of our designated sites – Bolderwood, Blackwater and Wilverley car parks.

Which type of barbecue can I use?

Family Groups (under 20 people) can use;

Disposable barbecues

Disposable barbecues can only be used at Bolderwood, Blackwater and Wilverley – please place them on the barbecue stands provided, either on, or beside the picnic tables. These barbecues pose a particular fire risk, please ensure water is available – do not use them anywhere else in the forest.

Appropriate fire precautions should to be taken and we request that the used barbecue and all litter is taken home with you.

Barbecue hearths are available for hire at Anderwood and Wilverley. If you are planning a barbecue for over 20 people you will need to book one of these sites in advance. To check availability of these sites please call us on: 0300 067 4601 or e-mail us at

More than 20 people in your group?

If you group is more than 20 people we recommend that one of our static barbecue sites is hired.


There are 2 sites for hire in the New Forest at Anderwood and Wilverley.


Both these barbecues will cater for up to 50 people and are a great place for a family get together, group social or corporate events.

We provide the barbecue hearth and the gorgeous scenery and all you need to bring is food, drinks, charcoal and of course good company.

The charge for using the site are: £70.00 Monday - Friday and £80.00 for a Saturday or Sunday.

We only take one booking per day, so once hired, the site is yours from 10am – midnight.  

 For more information on the barbecue sites or to make a booking please contact the Recreation Section on 0300 067 4601 or e-mail

Advance booking is vital, as the sites book up very early in the year for the summer months.   

Please note that in order to process the paperwork at least 2 weeks notice is required to hire either site.

Barbecues on campsites

 If you are planning on using a barbecue on one of the Camping In The Forest campsites please check with the site warden, as the use of barbecues on the campsites it up to the wardens discression.

Last updated: 18th July 2018

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