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Explore Creech Wood
(Average user rating: 5 unrated 4.2/5)

A wood of mostly conifer with some areas of old DOG WALKERS IN THE NEW FOREST. NEW FOREST FDbroadleaved trees. 

The different age structures of these trees provide different habitats for wildlife, including patches of heather.


Wide grassy rides provide a network of walks for those people who know these woods.  With no waymarked walks provided, new users are advised to take care not to get lost.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is by permit only and is informal (no marked route). Riders may use any track that they feel is suitable for the ability of their horse and themselves. Surfaces can be muddy in the winter. For further innformation on obtaining a permit please click here.

Learning Opportunities

Whether you are a school or family there are lots of ideas and downloads  to help you explore and discover the wood. To help you get started with your planning we have created an introductory slide show, lesson plans and a sample risk assessment.  If you would prefer a guided visit our learning partners’ details can be found here.

Removal of Play Area

The children’s play area was clearly an enjoyable benefit to visitors at Creech Wood, unfortunately the play equipment in this area of woodland was removed as the treated timber was rotting underground making the structures unstable. Although we removed only some smaller equipment initially, unfortunately vandals caused further damage to the remaining structures which have had to be taken down.

 There are no current plans to install new play structures, as we don’t have the resources to provide a new natural play offer and the necessary staff numbers to make sure the equipment is inspected and maintained to keep it safe for children to use.


What do other visitors say?

5 Stars 5 Stars

The paths damaged by the tree felling machines have now been repaired to a standard much better than they were before. Drainage ditches have been dug and pipes buried take the water under the paths.

Very high standard of work. Thanks

Anonymous, 3/Jul/2018
4 Stars 4 Stars

Lovely woods really enjoy walking here with the dog. Ive spent time picking up plastic bottles and litter. Really dont understand why dog owners pick up after their dog but then dump the bag or throw it in a tree. I also agree the car park side is just full of dog mess not picked up. Very sad as a dog owner I dont want to be associated with this mess. Ive started using the other side. Ive also noticed some fly tipping in the lay-by here, tires and rubbish bags. Whats the matter with people. However lovely woods lots of deer to see. Please enjoy responsibly.. :-)

Paul, 5/Jan/2018
1 Star 1 Star

The paths have been destroyed by huge machines during tree felling. This has gone on for an unacceptable length of time forcing riders to churn up walking paths. There is no gate so anyone can ride a horse without the permit you mention. They ride at a gallop along narrow paths causing walkers to jump into the bushes to avoid them. These woods need attention and monitoring now before there is an accident and now the trees have been felled the main paths returned to a useable state for walkers to enjoy.

Anonymous, 27/Oct/2017

Thank you for your comment. At the moment there is a mulching machine in Creech preparing clear felled sites for replanting next winter. This will be finished in four days time and then reinstatement will begin, weather permitting. To date the ground has been too wet but we hope forest visitors will see trails being put back for their use very soon.

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Last updated: 29th June 2018

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What's Here?

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Cycling in the forest is informal (no marked route). Cyclists may use any track they deem suitable for their bikes ability and themselves. Surfaces can be very muddy in the winter.
  • Horse riding
  • Horse riding is by permit only and is informal (no marked route). Riders may use any track that they feel is suitable for the ability of their horse and themselves. It is recommended that riders new to the forest take the map supplied with the permit when entering the forest. Surfaces can be muddy in the winter. Carriage driving is possible with permission. To apply for a riding permit please contact TROT on 01622 735599.
  • Parking
  • The car park for Creech Wood is at Bunkers Hill.
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OS Grid ref: SU647113
Postcode: PO7 6UB

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The car park for Creech Wood is at Bunkers Hill.

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