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Horse Riding in the New Forest & Woodlands of Ringwood and Dorset

Horse riders in Wootton, New Forest 
The New Forest, Ringwood Forest and Wareham Forests are wonderful places to go horseriding.

There are mature woods, shady streams, dappled glades and beautiful open heathland - what better way to see the landscape than from the back of a horse.

The New Forest

Horse riders have always enjoyed open access to the forest, which is well furnished with suitable tracks. Seeing the forest from the back of a horse is an excellent way to see the forest’s mature woods, shady streams, dappled glades and beautiful open heathland.

You can ride a horse in the New Forest without a Forestry Commission riding permit. However we request that you adhere to all warning signs and the advice given on them. 

Please refer to the New Forest Horse Riding Code of Conduct for further information.

 If you wish to find a riding stable, please visit the Tourist Infromation website:   for information on riding stables in the New Forest.

Pony and Cart

If you wish to drive a pony and cart on Forestry Commission land you will need to purchase a New Forest Driving Permit.

The cost of driving permits for the New Forest are; 

£20.00 - valid for 1 month.
£50.00 - valid for 1 year.
£140.00 - valid for 3 years.

 Ringwood and Wareham

If you wish to ride a horse or drive a pony and cart on Forestry Commission Land in any of our Ringwood or Wareham woodlands you are required to have a Forestry Commission Riding Permit for each horse ridden.

The costs of the permits are below:
£20.00- Private Riding - Valid for 1 month.
£50.00 - Private Riding - Valid for 1 year.
£100.00 - Commercial Permit for businesses - Valid for 1 year.
£50.00 - Driving a Pony and Cart - Valid for 1 year.

Applying for a permit

For further information or an application form please call 0300 067 4601 (Mon-Fri 9am - 3pm) or e-mail; 

Last updated: 18th May 2018


Southern Permissions

0300 067 4601

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