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BBQ Hire at Alice Holt

BBQ2, Food, Alice Holt

Barbecues at Alice Holt.

There are 3 pre-bookable barbecues available for hire. BBQ3, Alice Holt


We have two sessions during May - September:

10am-3pm and 4pm- 8.30pm

One session during October- April


BBQ's cost £45.00 per session.

To check availability and to pre-book please call 0300 067 4448 or email

The maximum number of people permitted in a party is 30 in total (our barbecue pitches are not suitable for large groups or corporate gatherings).

We ask you, please, not to bring your own barbecue for fire safety reasons. Portable and disposable barbecues are not permitted.

Terms and Conditions apply:

1. The Permit Holder will ensure that the Forestry Commission By-laws are observed, except as expressly authorised by this Agreement. A copy of the By-laws will be supplied on request by the Forest District Manager.

2. The group organiser/individual who signs the Booking form will be deemed to be responsible for the site, and the control and supervision of the barbecue.

3. The permit holder will indemnify the Forestry Commission against all or any claims arising from this booking.

4. Proof of this permit must be produced upon Request to any Forestry Commission Officer who may request it. The permission holder will
ensure compliance with any instructions issued by the Forest District Manager or his authorised representatives or given verbally. You may be required to extinguish the fire if conditions are dangerous.
5. Cooking must be confined to the barbecue hearth provided.  The permission holder will be responsible for the control of the barbeque, overall supervision of the proceedings and for the supply of the charcoal.

6. No vegetation to be taken from the Forest for burning on the fire.

7. Special care must be taken not to break any glass or leave any in the Forest.  All litter including waste food should be collected and taken home and the site left in a tidy condition. 

8. Permission is given for one free-standing gazebo or marquee structure to be erected on site as part of this booking but the dimensions must not exceed 3 metres by 3 metres.

9. The function is to be conducted in such a manner to cause no offence to residents in the neighbourhood or to any person lawfully and peacefully using the Forest.

10. No portable barbecues, disposable barbecues, fires or camp stoves whatsoever are allowed within the forest.

11. Bouncy castles and some other large items of entertainment are not allowed.  If in doubt, please speak to a member or staff in the Visitor Centre.

12. No loud or amplified music is permitted in the Forest.  Lighting, generators or other powered equipment are not allowed unless prior permission has
been given.

13. No bookings will be accepted from anyone under 18  years of age.

14. When finished, the hirer is responsible for locking the barbecue before leaving.  Please do not extinguish the barbecue with water, just leave the hot charcoal in the barbecue to cool.  A Ranger will empty and clean the barbecue after the booking.

Last updated: 11th August 2018


Recreation Officer
0300 067 4448

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