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Window on Westonbirt

Want to know what’s looking good right now? Have a peek through our Window on Westonbirt to discover what to watch out for on your next visit...

Rhododendron ‘Blue Tit’


Window on Westonbirt Rhododendron ‘Blue Tit’


This pretty little shrub from Caerhays, has blue-mauve flowers which darken with age.

Their small size makes them perfect for a rock or heather garden; they seldom exceed 1 meter in height and width – although some of our very old specimens are bigger than this.

Head to Circular Drive in Silk Wood, location 17F, to see them


Prunus  ‘Tai Haku’, the great white cherry


Prunus ‘Tai Haku’ Window on Westonbirt


The Great White Cherry is considered to be one of the finest cherries for general planting.  It had been lost to cultivation in Japan for centuries but in 1923, Captain Collingwood ”Cherry” Ingram located a plant in a Sussex garden.  He successfully propagated the plant which was reintroduced to Japan in 1932. All plants today originate from this one and they are now found growing around the world.

With its magnificent clusters of white flowers set off by bronze-tinged new leaves, this is not to be missed – our specimen on Main Drive, (location 18E) is a crowd-puller!



Prunus sargentii, Sargent's cherry


 Prunus sargentii Window on Westonbirt



This is one of our finest cherries and is carefully tended, as can be seen in the props supporting the large specimen on Broad Drive, location 12L.

Masses of single pink flowers appear for just a few brief days in spring.

Its common name is Sargent’s Cherry, named after Charles Sprague Sargent, an American botanist, who was appointed in 1872 as the first director of Harvard University's Arnold Arboretum in Boston Massachusetts.

Younger specimens can be seen on Waste Drive, location 13G, and in Cherry Glade, location 14L.



Head into the Welcome Building as you enter the arboretum to discover what’s looking great on our Window on Westonbirt Board.

You can find all of the plants listed here using the Westonbirt Map, available for free at the Welcome Building - just ask our wonderful Welcome Desk Volundeers for a copy! 

Looking ahead? Find out what the rest of spring has to offer at the National Arboretum

Last updated: 25th April 2018

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