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Campaign Laser Tag in the Forest

GroupCampaign Laser Tag is similar to paintball except it uses infra-red technology to register hits.

We have invested in the very latest technology that are designed for anyone aged 6+. They have an effective range of over 200 meters, keep you informed of how much ammunition you have and how many lives you have left and when someone is ‘shot’ the gun omits a loud ‘arrrrrrgghh’

Mission-based games

It is the up-to-date version of Laser Quest or Quasar with better equipment, more room to run around and it’s outdoors! Enter the battleground and feel the adrenaline rush of tactical play and various missions that bring your first-person computer games to life. Great for birthday parties, family trips, Cubs & Scouts and team-building events.

After your Laser Tag party relax with a picnic or a meal at the Cafe.

Facilities include:

Everything is here to make your birthday party a success. While big brother or sister has their Laser Tag party, younger siblings have a choice of 2 playgrounds and a Highway Rat trail. Then afterwards you can all get together for a picnic or a party meal in the new cafe.

Time Slots

10.00am - 11.30pm / 12:00 - 1:30pm / 2.00 - 3.30pm

Contact us

01932 865 999



Last updated: 1st August 2018


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