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Forestry Commission alumni and volunteers: stories celebrating 100 years of forestry

As we prepare to mark 100 years of forestry in 2019 we want to gather stories to celebrate the role of forestry and forests in your life. You might have only just started out volunteering in your local forest or once worked for the Forestry Commission for a number of years. Whatever your experience we’d love to hear your story.

Download this form to contribute a submission.

Submissions will be featured in Forestry Commission internal communications for staff to enjoy the organisation's rich history.

Here are some starting points to help but don’t feel limited to these if you’ve got other ideas:

• A special place for you, or your favourite season in the forest
• How forests inspire your leisure time
• Personal or lifelong connections to a certain forest
• An extraordinary day, biggest personal achievement or proudest moment in your forestry life
• What made you want to contribute to forestry
• Your perspective on the role of forests in today’s society

Details for how to submit are on the form. Please feel free to attach a photo (or something else) that illustrates the story in the submission. 


I've got some archive photos, are you interested in them?

In short yes, but if you can provide the story that accompanies them, even better. As a minimum we'd need details of the location, the date, and who's in it.

Last updated: 12th September 2018