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FEE Visitor Numbers

The public forest estate across the entirety of England gets 226 annual millions visits with 21 million unique visitors.

This is a fantastic number, and higher than we had previous thought: our latest surveys suggest that nearly half of all adults in England will visit the PFE at least once in any given year, and so we can stake claim to about half of all England woodland visits.

Given that we also know that 99% of English residents live within an hour and an astounding 47% live within 6 miles of some part of the PFE, we are keen to see this number increase further.

Nearly 150,000 hectares of our land has CRoW access, and another 85,000 with other forms of public access: that on top of the fact that we have over 2,800 Km of published recreational routes across the public forest estate means it’s no surprise we see so many visitors to our forests!

For more details on our visitor surveys, please see our page on General Visitor Surveys.


Last updated: 25th January 2018

England's Woods and Forests are cared for by Forest Enterprise England, an agency of the Forestry Commission.