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Exceptional Circumstances

An explanation of ‘Exceptional Circumstances’ if you intend to lodge an appeal

For the appeals process this is only relevant to those cases where a penalty is being applied to either:

  • a capital grant (such as Woodland Creation Grant or Woodland Improvement Grant) as a result of either a late or an incorrect submission, or
  • an annual claim (Woodland Management Grant or Farm Woodland Premium or Payment Grant) due to late submission.

Exceptional circumstances that might be relevant in these circumstances may include:

  • Unforeseen death of the main applicant;
  • Prolonged unforeseen period of incapacity (not usually a planned, extended period in hospital);
  • Unforeseen circumstances resulting in loss of management documentation such as a house / office fire, or flooding for example.

If you wish to appeal against our decision to impose a penalty in the above circumstances, you must fully explain how your ability to submit a claim within the required timescale was affected and provide any supporting evidence.


Last updated: 31st January 2018