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Support for London’s Urban Forest

London’s trees and woodlands (collectively known as the urban forest) provide huge benefits to the environment and people’s daily lives – but it does require management and resources to ensure those benefits are protected and enhanced.

This page provides a summary of some of the financial support available to support urban forest planting and management in London, with links to further information on the right hand side of the page.

Forestry Commission support is primarily through Countryside Stewardship. Some of the support better reflects rural circumstances - so it is worth reviewing the grant criteria before applying – but many of the fundamental activities such as management plans, woodland management and woodland creation activity are eligible.

The Woodland Carbon Fund offers funding for the creation of larger scale and productive woodlands.

The Woodland Carbon Code offers an additional funding source for woodland creation that can supplement other funding.

The Mayor of London’s Greener City Fund offers a range of support for tree planting work, including community based projects, greenspace management and woodland creation support.

There are other funding sources available either for specific urban forest activities, or where urban forestry can help deliver wider agendas. Examples include:

  • Heritage Lottery Funding
  • City Bridge Trust
  • Levies such as Communities Infrastructure or Aggregate
  • HS2 woodland creation or ancient woodland restoration
  • Groundwork – Tesco Bags of Help
Last updated: 2nd June 2018