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Running trails in Dalby Forest

Young women running in forest trailWhether you've just bought your first pair of trainers, or have 1000's of miles under foot, Dalby Forest offers opportunity for all runners. Choose from a number of way marked running routes that range from 1km to 10km and explore this stunning forest under your own steam. Why not join us on Saturday mornings for parkrun or sign up to one or all of our running events throughout the year.

3 - 2 - 1 'Run Forest Run' - Low dalby

New to running? A bit rusty and need to get back to it? In that case this easy and level, 3km loop is ideal for you. The route starts and finishes just through the courtyard, past the village and uses stoned forest roads and gravel paths. Follow the easy-to-spot encouraging ‘Run Forest Run’ signs set at every 250m and choose your distance. There are turn-around points for you achieve 1km or 2km before going on to complete the full 3km route. It’s a great way to build up your distance. Along the way you’ll get to enjoy the fantastic views along the Low Dalby valley before warming down under the ancient canopy tree cover. Perfect! Susan, a regular visitor to Dalby said,

'As a 50 year old woman I am keen to maintain a level of fitness and well being and running in Dalby Forest ticks both of these boxes. The Run Forest Run trail is ideal for me, it is really well marked, with clear and encouraging signs along the way.  The trail is good as you can decide along the way how far to run with 1, 2 or 3km options'.

5km - Low Dalby

The route starts and finishes just through the courtyard and past the village, and is a relatively easy circular running route. You’ll be running on stoned forest roads and gravelled paths that pass through some of the oldest areas of forest – planted back in 1921. Take in the short loop around the open space of the wood yard before crossing the tranquil waters of Dalby beck and returning along the Low Dalby valley. It’s a beautiful run and a good way to get to know Dalby. The route is used every Saturday for our popular Dalby Forest parkrun. Why not join us? For more information and to look at the route please go to

5km - Adderstone Rigg

Starting at the top end of the lower field at the Adderstone Hub, this circular running route follows forest paths and roads and offers the chance to enjoy ever-changing scenery and extensive views over the forest. En route you will pass the eye-catching, naturally sculpted Adder Stone and some ‘rabbit types’ from bygone times. The route finishes back in Adderstone field where there is plenty of open space for your warm down. Why not meet friends and family there and enjoy some other facilities that Dalby has to offer! For more information and to have a look at the route please go to

10km - Staindale Lake

A circular running route starting and finishing at the picturesque Staindale Lake. It takes in Yondhead Rigg, Crosscliff and elements of the Jerry Noddle trail. We’re spoilt for choice with scenery here at Dalby but this gives you especially fine views across the North York Moors. This run will be mostly on forest roads but interspersed with single tracks, grass rides and some interesting feature paths. Generally undulating throughout with some hills to keep you on your toes. Once you have finished why not use the Staindale Lake path to warm down? Local runner, Dave Ward, ran this route and this is what he had to say:

 'Once I had tuned into looking for a purple way mark they were easy to see. Certainly a variety of running surfaces which I think is good for a trail route, also no gates or stiles to slow progress. The scenery was excellent especially going up to Jerry Noddle. I have run this section of a number of occasions just for the views, you can even see the north sea

For more information and to have a look at the route please go to

Last updated: 3rd July 2018

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