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Bedgebury autumn colour Bedgebury autumn colour Bedgebury in autumn Bedgebury in autumn Bedgebury in autumn Bedgebury in autumn

Awaken your senses with Bedgebury this autumn… one of the best times to visit!

As well as playing an important scientific role in international conservation, many of the trees in Bedgebury National Pinetum have been chosen for their form, colour or texture, and sometimes even their scent. With shades of red, chestnut, ochre and copper on view, visitors to Bedgebury Pinetum will enjoy a feast of autumn colour.

Weather conditions right up until early autumn can affect the timing and rate at which autumn colour emerges, making it difficult for us to predict when the absolute best time to visit will be.

Luckily, as Bedgebury Pinetum is home to 12,000 trees, including 1,800 different species, plants from different areas of the temperate globe burst into a succession of stunning colours, meaning there is something to delight the senses throughout the whole of the autumn period - from September to right through to November.

Things to look out for...

Particularly striking in autumn are the dawn redwoods (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) and swamp cypress (Taxodium distichum) which can be found creating stunning reflections in Marshal’s Lake, before dropping their needles for winter. The sweet gums (or Liquidambar styraciflua) produce a range of purples, reds and yellows, often on the same tree, and on a warm sunny afternoon you may smell the candyfloss or caramel delights of the Katsura tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum).

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Did you know…? Although the majority of conifers remain evergreen, there are some interesting deciduous species that turn incredible colours in autumn before losing their needles in winter.

The contrast of stunning colours provided by the mix of deciduous and conifer trees against bright autumn skies creates wonderful reflections on the lakes in the beautiful and unique landscape of the National Pinetum.

Find out more about all four of the Bedgebury Pinetum seasons here.

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Last updated: 17th October 2017


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What's of interest

Some of our favourite ways to enjoy Bedgebury this autumn…

Follow our popular self-led autumn seasonal trail which this year will showcase 20 trees in the Pinetum that look particularly good throughout autumn. 

Join one of a series of bookable autumn guided walks around the autumn seasonal trail.

Join one of the Friends of Bedgebury Pinetum’s popular autumn events which include guided fungi walks, bird ringing walks and talks, autumn photography courses, and exclusive nursery tours.

Get cosy in the Bedgebury Café after a lovely autumn stroll. Indulge in a warming mug of hot chocolate or a delicious bowl of hot soup whilst enjoying the panoramic views across the pinetum.

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