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Living with Feral Wild Boar


On Friday 23rd June, 2017 the Forestry Commission hosted a one day community workshop in place of the ‘Forest Forum’.  The workshop was titled ‘Living with Feral Wild Boar’.  The aim of the workshop was to help communicate key facts about feral wild boar, and then to distil out the concerns of the local community in regard to the boar.

The workshop opend with presentations from guest speakers

Dr Giovanna Massei – Animal & Plant Health Agency: ‘An Introduction to Wild Boar’.  

Gio provided a comprehensive over view of the biology and distribution of wild boar. She has an in depth knowledge of the species across Europe and has led studies into the distribution of wild boar in the Forest of Dean, and investigated methods for getting oral contraceptives into the wild population. 

Kevin Stannard – Forestry Commission: ‘Why are the boar here? And what has the Forestry Commission done to date?’ 

Kevin provided a short presentation to remind ourselves why we have boar in the Forest; followed by a swift resume of the Forestry Commission’s actions to date. 

Dr Kristin Waeber – Forestry Commission: ‘Population Modelling in the Forest of Dean’. 

Kristin provided a resume of the thermal imaging / distance sampling survey programme and the background to population modelling, as well as a comparison between feral wild boar and roe deer.

Dr Sean Cahill: ‘Living with Wild Boar in Europe’

Sean provided a review of the evolving situation in Barcelona, where wild boar have increased in numbers within the urban areas surrounding the Collserolla National Park, and management tools used.

Dr Alex Barlow – Animal & Plant Health Agency: ‘Disease Risk in Feral Wild Boar’. 

Alex provided an overview of the main disease risks associated with feral wild boar in the UK, and a considered risk assessment for each.

 Dr Penny Bienz – Consultant for the Deer Initiative: ‘Deer and Wild Boar Management Group’.

Penny provided a quick summary of the work of the Deer Initiative, and the purpose of the DI supported Deer Management Groups, leading to a proposal for a Wild Boar Management Group for the Forest of Dean.

In the afternoon attendees discussed in groups the issues they faced as a community a summary of this can be viewed in the days workshop notes






Last updated: 8th August 2017

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